Multi platform mobile number verification made easy

Boundless Universal Mobile Number Verification and more at economical way

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Cognalys, Inc. provides a multi platform service which help application developers in verifying the mobile number in their applications. Cognalys "two factor authentication" uses missed call technology instead of the traditional SMS based OTP technology. In case of rates, cognalys is much cheaper than the SMS method and supports more than 195+ countries.

Cognalys API can be used in any platforms ( Android, IOS, Windows, Web and many more ) and developers are powered with a reporting API to return details or verified users, or user's tries. in addition to the reporting API cognalys is providing one real time reporting API which will push the verified users details to the users for supporting them.

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Why Cognalys

  1. We Speak Simplicity .We believe in making processes simpler and speedy. OTP has been conventionally done by means of using SMS services. We break the old rules now and endow with a much simpler, faster and stable solution.
  2. We Care for your business. We have developed our API’s to accelerate your big business and bring in a new horizon of technology at your finger tips to augment your operational power.
  3. We amplify your profit. We have researched this concept of Missed Call Verification and Two Factor Authentication to its utmost depth. Only after researching all the austerities of these two operations, we have come out with our solution. Therefore we have left out noting to speculate.
  4. We are flexible, responsive and omnipresent. We are flexible in analysing and providing solutions to all your business needs. We are responsive to all your requirements in a jiffy. We are more or less omnipresent globally, supporting 200 Plus countries.
  5. We provide the CHANGE FOR GOOD . We believe business can empower growth and make changes for the better. That is why we have developed our API’s in such a manner that it will eclipse the ongoing traditional methods of verification. We trust that a change is a necessity in both life and business if one has to explore his potential.

  1. Voice calls are faster to connect than SMS. Therefore a Missed Call reaches you faster than a SMS.
  2. Voice calls are always given more priority than SMS.
  3. Missed Call Service is FREE anywhere but SMS are expensive and they also attract roaming charges. SMS are subject to regulations as per prevailing government rules of different countries.
  4. Limitation in receiving SMS when device is connected to data link. But voice calls enjoy intruding facility.
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Cognalys Android Library (CAL)

CAL is one of the most advanced and powerful library that any developer can envision. It gives him the power to integrate CAL with ease into his number verification application. It’s one of the unique and most user friendly API.

CAL position’s the missed call verification processes. This method replaces the conventional procedure of verification course viz SMS , thus plummeting the cost and escalating the steadfastness of the verification procedure.

CAL is a Plug n Play API that is the easiest to deploy. It hardly takes any effort for the developer to integrate CAL into his API and once integrated into his application the activation process is automatic. . CAL has the capability to carry out the mobile number verification at any stage i.e during installation or in between the application process. CAL will use its built inn intelligence and will automatically interpret the missed call generated from Cognalys services and perform the authentication process robotically without any interference or support from the developers end.

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Two Factor Authentication (CTFA)

Cognalys Two Factor Authentication (CTFA) OTP is a superfluous layer of protection that is known as "Multi Factor Authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also a token that a user is assigned. Using a username and password along with a token that the user only is aware secures the threat of any potential intruders to gain access and pilfer the user’s individual data or identity. CTFA can help lower the identity theft on the Internet, as well as infiltrating via email. CTFA is built to deploy itself in any given platform. Replacing the conventional SMS method CTFA uses the missed calls method to generate OTP. CTFA comes with a powerful robust RESTful API for its users to generate the OTPs which can be used in a variety of platforms. CTFA supports international OTP service for more than 195 countries. CTFA users get powered with a well-designed dashboard, RESTful and REAL time reporting API