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Business Opportunity @ Cognalys

Cognalys is a start-up SaaS based company registered in the US and conducting its business operations from India.

Cognalys products come in as a replacement to the traditional SMS based OTP verification schema which is a billion dollar business today across the globe.

Cognalys exceptional API’s helps software developers across 195 countries who can integrate Cognalys API into their OTP verification modules without any hazel and overcome many limitations of the current SMS based OTP verification process. Developers and integrators can use Cognalys service to save money hugely rather than spending it on SMS for OTP verifications.

Coganlys is present in the market for the past 6 months after a rigorous product R&D for the past 2 years. In a short span of six months of its live operations Cognaly is already servicing thousand plus satisfied customers.

As a process of expansion Cognalys is today offering business opportunities to interested enthusiastic entrepreneurs and investors.

As a part of this expansion process Cognalys is looking to amalgamate itself with likeminded individuals or companies to strengthen its commercial force and ability. If your zeal is to become a new entrepreneur or if you are already one, then we at Cognalys invite you to get in touch with us to know more and pave a new-fangled beginning along with Cognalys to mutually benefit and grow.

Kindly mail us [email protected] for further information and clarifications.