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Two FactorTwo Factor Authentication (CTFA)

Cognalys Two Factor Authentication (CTFA) OTP is a superfluous layer of protection that is known as "Multi Factor Authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also a token that a user is assigned. Using a username and password along with a token that the user only is aware secures the threat of any potential intruders to gain access and pilfer the user’s individual data or identity. CTFA can help lower the identity theft on the Internet, as well as infiltrating via email. CTFA is built to deploy itself in any given platform. Replacing the conventional SMS method CTFA uses the missed calls method to generate OTP. CTFA comes with a powerful robust RESTful API for its users to generate the OTPs which can be used in a variety of platforms. CTFA supports international OTP service for more than 195 countries. CTFA users get powered with a well-designed dashboard, RESTful and REAL time reporting API

Limitations of SMS gateway
  • Transaction SMS are costly.
  • Delay in receiving SMS
  • Cost depends upon the volume of SMS, Countries and network provider.
  • Need to use several SMS OTP for a single operation.
  • International SMS are expensive.
  • Unavailability of services for a roaming user.
  • Too costly for a roaming user.
  • When connected to internet hand phones may not be able to receive SMS.

  • Benefits of Cognalys OTP
  • International OTP which supports 195+ Countries.
  • Missed calls based OTP generation.
  • 50 OTP generations per day is absolutely free for basic user.
  • Cross platform Usage.
  • Daily usage quota based pricing instead of traditional volume based pricing.
  • Support desk to raise any tickets.
  • Elegant Dashboard.
  • RESTful API to fetch user’s data.
  • REAL time API to push user’s data to client’s server.
  • Ready to use illustrations in multiple programming language for easy usage.
  • Can be used in any sign-up / feedback forms to generate leads.